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AUTOmatic Dealer Services is your logical choice for HD Truck Service Contracts, as well as numerous other products and services related to the HD Truck industry.  Please feel free to browse our website and see why AUTOmatic Dealer Services has become the trusted source for HD Truck dealers throughout the country.

Allow us to show you how to convert your warranty sales into a six figure profit center!!!

  • Eligibility Classes 3-8: Current plus 10
  • 3-4 less than 250k miles at time of sale
  • 5-6-7 less than 350k miles at time of sale
  • 8 less than 750k miles at time of sale- all are eligible for extended eligibility with surcharge
  • Max term for class 8 only- current plus 6 (less than 600k at time of sale) goes out to 1.1m miles
  • $100 deductible per visit
  • Simplified pricing
  • Electronic rating and E contracting coverage
  • Turbo Chargers and Injectors are covered without surcharge and NOT limited to 12/100,000
  • Transmissions and Cummins ISX are covered with no surcharge
  • Water pumps are included in base coverage


Phone:  513-773-4386

Fax:  1-888-711-4033